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Welcome To Virtual Jet2 Inc, We are extremely happy that you have visited our site today. Please take a look around, As per you are not a member yet you are actually limited to basic feeds such as our Live Flight Map, Live Flight Board. You cannot view our members this is against our Privacy policy which can be found Privacy Policy. We just want to let you know to join our Virtual Airline it is free membership you don’t need to pay, We do however accept donations this goes towards running costs for our Web Hosting, TS3 Server etc. You must meet our requirements to join and must go through an on-entry crew test before you begin your career in Virtual Aviation. We hope to meet you soon blue skies, Board Directors. Don't Forget to Register on Forum Forum!

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Total vPilot Crew Members 52
Pilot Cap 1000
Passengers Carried 429
Hours Flown 20:48:43
Distance Flown 4807
Queued Applications 2
Fleet Size 71
Total Schedules 352
Accepting New Members Membership Open
Accepting New Managment Staff Accepting Applications

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Every day we innovate on what we are going to be doing next within Virtual Jet2 Inc!



Virtual Jet2 Inc, Is a part of a community called Virtual Airline World visit the forum Forum Virtual Airline World is owned by the Chairman Of The Board.



Our Passion is about Virtual Aviation within VATSIM, IVAO, FSCloud, We have the passion to score top landing rates, We hold events etc.

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